Smoking Leather Master for Gay Bottoms

A smoking leather master.

Let me make this clear. I’m a smoking leather master, as in I am a dominant man that loves smoking and wearing leather any chance I get. But there is also something else I am into — gay bottoms.

You inferior sissy acting bottoms deserve the domination that intend to dish out to you. It doesn’t matter what you are into because when I’m done with you, you’ll end up like the rest of my bitches; hooked and begging for more of my attention.

My mind is very creative, explicit and often times sadistic, depending on my mood. But one thing that is always there is my constant desire to dominant and control inferior gay bottoms that are desperately in need of a real man, a real master in their lives. Soon I will be the most important thing in your life when it comes to sex, pleasure and getting off.

Interests of a Smoking Leather Master Like Me

Let me spend just a moment of time laying out some of my favorite interests and things I like to get into with my gay followers, fans and bottom slaves. After that you can get in touch with me, see via my webcam that I am very real and then take it from there.

Interests & Specialities

  1. Smoking Fetishes
  2. Leather Master
  3. BDSM, Domination & Humiliation
  4. Verbal Abuse
  5. Muscle God Worship, Armpit Sniffing & Hole Training

If you can’t figure out what all my specialties are then you’ll have to come find out for yourself. I’m online fairly often and always ready to rip into your most twisted fag fetishes.

Now quit jiggling that dick and connect up with me — then you can ask permission to stroke. Are you ready to watch me smoke?


  1. michael sandberg says:

    May I please submit to u Master

  2. Sir i came across yoru page here as I was looking up gay Masters, you ra very attractive man,, not sure how often you use this site or check foro messages, but I do hope to hear form you . If you do respond could you please put in the subject line Leather Masster for slave. Not meaning to boss you around Master, but I only open emails that I know are sending them. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope to hear from you

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