Sending Tributes to the Masters

Tribute the mastersAre you a fan of the site and love knowing dominant masters like us run the show around here?

Well you aren’t alone as we’ve had many requests to send tributes to the masters via email gift certificates and things like that.

So what we’ve done is setup a special email account just for fags, losers and submissive money pigs to send their hard earned cash to in the form of gift cards.

Send Us Your Tributes

Anytime you get the urge to tribute us just send it on over to

Amazon email gift certificates are the best but feel free to use any other e-gift cards you’d like. When you tribute us masters you’ll know that you’re not only letting straight men drain your cash but you’re also helping keep this site alive and doing well.

We look forward to the tributes and just know that no one can blow fag cash like we do. Now send it on over to us!

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