Ripped Studs Rocking Your Ass Like a Sissy Pig

Ripped Studs

You submissive pigs have all been there before. When in the presence of ripped studs you find yourself feeling a bit insecure, probably start getting hard and then next thing you, you’re back home humping your hand like it has being a bad bitch. Ever wonder why? I’m sure many of you already know but lets clear the air shall we, even if it’s just a tad?

Ripped Studs and the Impact on Sissy Fags

You see yourself, your soft body, fat ass gut or maybe you’re even scrawny and now look at what ripped studs look like. That’s as obvious as it gets. Our bodies are better than yours so you feel like a bitch around us but we know that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only are ripped studs looking better but they have the strength and stamina to rock your sissy bitch into submissive faster than you can scream out; Holla Girl! or whatever other bitch shit plenty of you go on about like the bunch of girls you are in comparison to us.

Another reason all of us jocks, muscle studs and fratboys have such an impact on fags is our attitudes and mindsets. We go after what we want… we do as we please and know how to overpower a sissy fag to the point of submission. Plain and simple — ripped studs like us have been rocking your sissy asses down to size for as long as you can remember. Just think about that.

If you are ready to show that you are beneath ripped studs like us and are here to do nothing but serve and please us then come chat with me or one of my buddies on cam sometime and get some intense use. We get into all sorts of hot and even sometimes twisted shit.

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