Ripped Ruthless Black Master for Gay Holes

Ripped black master

The essence of a real gay master. I’m a ripped, ruthless, hung black gay dom and master for all you inferior maggots. You’d give your right nut for a chance to taste this so don’t give me any lip.

Your place is right down on your knees in front of me or bent over with your sissy ass up wearing a pair of panties like the gay pigs you are. You just want to be a hot hole for a black master like me to use anyway and that’s close enough to being a true bitch.

Just accept the fact that you want to be a fem-bitch for real dick and want to be roughed up, manhandled and OWNED (Oh I know about you bdsm bottom bitches too). I know my place as your superior so just accept yours as the inferior and submit your mind, body and holes to a ruthless black master — your ultimate fag fantasy.

Interests of a Ruthless Black Master

Yeah you’re a fag and we know you have cravings but lets talk about what’s important and that’s what you all want to know; what interests and turns me on.

I’m into everything from showing off my body flexing, making bitches go into heat over my big black dick, BDSM, gay humiliation, bondage, gay foot worship — I mean you name it and I am the master of it.

Limits aren’t really my thing so why don’t you show me how much of a nasty fag you can be for your new black master.


  1. Hi I’m a 24yr old bottom gay from papua new guinea..I’d loved my gay hole to be ripped by Ripped Ruthless Black Master for Gay’s my cell fone# +675 7213 9461..cheers

  2. Hi, I am not gay nor have I ever tried it. However I would love to be enslaved and owned and dominated as a slave to a black person. Genuine wish so get in touch if interested

  3. how may this pathetic honky cumslut serve and obey Your desires Supreme CockLord?

  4. savy sanchez says:

    Hey sir im a 21 very submissive cocksucker looking for a bbc master to make me there bitch put me in my place make me submit and worship ur BIG BLACK FAT COCK

  5. I’m a submissive white sissy boy that would do anything to please my ruthless black master.

  6. Hi I’m a twink from Pittsburgh, pa. I’d love to be owned and ripped apart by Ripped Black master. Send me an email.

  7. !m 34 and gay I also love black men,I would love to meet a master who would stretch my hole and dominate me.

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