Gay Master Muscle of Domination

Gay Master Muscle Domination

As an inferior wimp you need to feel gay master muscle domination or in other words what it’s like to be manhandled and put in your place by a power stud like me.

You probably already know what it’s like to be near a big tall ripped man and you’ve most likely felt the intimidation that comes along with it. There is no denying your natural reactions and urges that pop up when you see a muscle master like me.

You instantly want to submit don’t you?

Rocked by Master Muscle

You see the muscular body, the big bulge and know that you make the wrong move and your ass would get rocked which is why you have that need to become subservient.

That’s the thing you wimpy beta-men know your places and you just want to do whatever it takes to please a real man. There’s no way you can compete so why not be a submissive bitch just like a woman would and serve the muscle as it deserves to be.

Just think of all the ways you can give in and serve the gay master muscle man. You could be viewing, worshiping and complimenting the superior body that you’ll never have.

Of course some slaves also love to keep that money coming for sports gear and workout clothes, jocks etc… Those are just a few ways that some of my muscle slaves love to pay their respects.

Now the question is what will you do to serve some gay master muscle?

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