3 Muscle Masters That Love Role Playing

We’ve been getting tons of slaves wanting more muscle masters and guys into gay fetish role playing, so we figured why not combine the two. The moment we did, we came up with this list of the top 3 gay muscle masters that love role playing, talking dirty and much more.

Top 3 Muscle Masters That Love Role Play

There are plenty more available but as of lately these three have been some of the most sought after so why not give them some shine! Lets check them out!

1. Master Iron Arms

Muscle Master Iron Arms

You want intense, dominant, intimidating and huge? Guess what? You found it right here with Master Iron Arms. This dude is intense and ruthless as can be plus he loves muscle worship and other gay fetish role playing scenarios.

2. Muscle Master Stud Latino

Muscle Master Stud Latino

A ripped Latino jock with an attitude to prove it. Ripped up from head to toe this guy loves working out, flexing and showing off how well he can use the power he has over you. If you think you can keep up with a naturally dominant and cocky jock than hit him up.

3. Master Dick Rock XX

Muscle Master Dick Rock

I am sure you tell by the name that Master Dick Rock is packing more than just a body coated in shredded muscle. He’s packing a huge dick and loves making inferior pigs kneel down and worship that in addition to his Alpha physique. Any role play scenario goes with him and he’s always looking for something new to get into. Ready to get into it? Check out his profile, pics and of course this webcam.

Which of these guys make you ache to get into some heavy role playing?

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  1. i want to be ur slave

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